Phillips Gallery

 Phillips Gallery at 444 East 200 South in Salt Lake is a lovely place to spend the afternoon.  Three levels, including an outdoor sculpture deck, ensure you won’t get bored.  The whole environment of the building's location is artistic with sculptures in front of nearly every neighboring building.  Even the sidewalk outside the gallery shows off it's own type of permanent art!

The main level is a sunny, open space which boasts a new exhibit every four to six weeks. 

Downstairs in the Dibble Gallery, you’ll find interesting artwork in a rotating exhibit. 

Upstairs, you can wander indoors and out, stepping into rooms and hallways where every walled surface is covered with a unique piece of art.  Step out for a minute to enjoy the sunshine and interesting sculptures and then step back in for some beautiful pottery and paintings. Over 90% of the artwork is created by local artists.  I even saw a beautiful photograph taken by an old college professor of mine!

The gallery has been around since 1965, making it the longest standing commercial art gallery in the intermountain west.  Their lengthy history has certainly helped them perfect the art of an inspiring atmosphere.  I am most decidedly NOT an artist (even though I am the biggest art appreciator around), but I found my creativity being sparked as I looked at such different varieties of artwork.  While looking from an abstract to a landscape to a lovely portrait (all on the same wall, mind you!), I thought to myself, “I should go home and paint something.”

I ultimately decided to spare the world (and myself) from my attempts at painting and stick to appreciating art in all forms instead.

Phillips Gallery participates in Salt Lake City's monthly gallery stroll, and will be having an opening reception for new artwork May 21, from 6pm -9pm.

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