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Perfect Timing

Tim Gray - Biglines Community Blogger and a fan of the Cliff Lodge at SnowbirdSki vacations. So often when you've booked a ski trip you might pray for sunny weather, 2 feet of fresh powder and slopes that aren't crowded all rolled into one.  Heck, why not dream big, right?

What you might pray for when you've got a convention to attend is that it won't snow, which may somehow lessen the pain of sitting through days of meetings when just 30 minutes from your indoor "prison" is an outdoors paradise called Snowbird.

Such was the case for those that attended last weeks Outdoor Retailer Show here in Salt Lake City. Many came in early for a couple days of skiing and the sun was shining, the weather pleasant but Utah's famous powder wasn't plentiful.

Once the show started, a storm of storms descended upon Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains, leaving many helplessly wishing for an excuse to stay a few extra days but headed to the airport that Sunday afternoon. But the storm kept delivering and many who had planned to linger, well, they found themselves in the dream come true category - 2 feet of powder, blue skies and slopes that, thanks to an inter-lodge situation in Little Cottonwood Canyon the slopes were incredibly bare for the first few hours of the day.
My timing couldn't have been better. The first days of the storm I was hearing about how awesome things were and I was stuck in a trade show. However, I didn't miss out because by the time I got to Snowbird for 2 days of riding, another 30 inches would fall.

Such was the experience of Tim Gray (quoted above) who, after attending the Outdoor Retailer Show booked himself into the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird and had, well, he had the time of his life. Compliments of the Greatest Snow on Earth. about Tim's experience and check out the photo evidence at