Over the Top Cookies

The Utah review group, SassyScoops.com, reviewed a fun cookie shop in the Salt Lake area, to read their full review and see their rating, go here.

Mediocrity and moderation are two words you won’t ever see in Rachel’s (creator and owner of Over the Top Cookies) vocabulary.  And after learning about her sweet creations, you’ve come to know that’s true.  In a world where the basic cookie competition seems stagnant, Rachel takes it a step higher by saying: let’s throw on some candy bars.  Or, why not dip Oreos and fortune cookies in chocolate and confections.  Or, ‘instead of just dipping apples in caramel, let’s do it THREE times!’

Rachel first got her idea for her gourmet cookies when thinking of a recipe to take to a church picnic. Needless to say, they were a big hit! Always an entrepreneur at heart (she sold suckers at school in the 6th grade) and wanting to share her lack of moderation in baking, Rachel began Over The Top Gourmet Cookies in 2003.  They specialize in outrageously tasteful gift baskets and in addition to their cookies, offer a selection of Triple dipped apples, triple dipped pretzels,  and gourmet cocoa.

Over the Top Cookies is truly a family business. Rachel is the mastermind behind the baking spending late nights and early mornings in the store’s kitchen making sure ingredients are prepped, dough is mixed and each and every cookie is baked to perfection with love in every one. You may chance to meet her son “the front man” who works at the store after school. Even all the brochures and menus are designed by Rachel’s husband.

Their charming shop opened in November 2008. A visit will delight your eyes with Jars full of gumballs and displays full of giant cookies exploding with toppings.

Over the Top Cookies:

1665 West Towne Center Drive, Suite B3
South Jordan

Their shop is the cutest little nook across from Cafe Rio.

You can also find them online at www.overthetopcookies.com and see those pictures that call my name whenever they enter my front door.