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Outdoor Retailer: Summer Trade Show

orshow-5-of-13Are you in the business of outdoor recreation? Passionate about anything that can be done on water, rock, sand, ice?  If you're a vendor or a buyer in the industry, then it's probably no news that Salt Lake's Outdoor Retailer summer show is in full swing at the Salt Palace through today.

Twice a year, OR comes to town, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to call it legendary:  I've been hearing about it since I moved to Utah three years ago, and finally got to experience it for myself two days ago.

Whoa. This is not your average convention, with booths, some posters, maybe pens and candy.  This is huge. This is people who love what they do, eager to talk with others who are just as psyched, surrounded by top-of-the-line gear. This is a show full of practically full-scale shops (900 vendors total), set up inside the huge Salt Palace, with every kind of outdoor gear imaginable, from cutting edge to old-school.

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There are demos, there are samples, there are happy hours. There are fleets of boats and tents as far as the eye can see, and organizations committed to environmental responsibility, promoting recycling and alternative energy sources. There are also free yoga classes and apres-convention world-class climbing competitions.  There are 23,000 people attending the show over the course of four days.

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For a taste of this year's show, plus shots from the women's climbing comp, (organized in part by local climbing gym The Front),  check out this slideshow:


Details: Outdoor Retailer Summer Show - through today, Salt Palace, intersection of West Temple and 100 South.  Winter Trade Show: January 21- 24, 2010.