The Salt Lake Scene

One Taco Stands aLONE

Lone Star Taqueria one of my favorte spots in Salt Lake Valley to enjoy a Mexican sit down or drive through. Located in Cottonwood Heights, it's found at a perfect quick-stop spot for adventurers on their way home from the Cottonwood canyons.

Lone Star has received previous praise for its fish tacos and fish burritos. The sauces they use on each menu item is unique and authentic (speaking Spanish helps the ordering process). Ordering chips and salsa is more than just chips and salsa--one has the opportunity to select a preferred salsa from a smorgasbord of salsa recipes.

Perhaps just as famous as its food, is the notorious Lone Star sticker car. The dining patio (which I recommend in the summer time) features an old flat-tired station wagon. Over the years, this car has received an ecclectic collection of stickers. Some big, some small, some local, some foreign--basically, if you have a sticker you want to show off, it's open game.

Lone Star is located at 2265 Fort Union Blvd. Tacos go for around $2.69 and burritos around $6.50. Mexican beers are $2.50. If you pride yourself on knowing where to find the best Mexican and you haven't been to Lone Star, well, then you shouldn't pride yourself on something you're not.

Get there soon and enjoy. Or as our friends to the South might say, "Provecho!"