On Broadway, Part IV: Eva (small plates and drinks)

 eva-6-of-7Ok, so technically, Eva's not ON Broadway, but it's right around the corner on Main St., and its praises deserve to be sung. If you're looking for a tapas gem with a local-food focus, a romantic downtown date night, or somewhere to get sangria with the girls, look no further.

Where to start?  Eva's menu items - an assortment of small plates in the $5-9 range - as well as wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes, all sounded incredibly mouth-watering, to the point where my friend and I called up a third friend (who wasn't able to join us), just to *read* her the list.  Really.  

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And they tasted just as good as they sounded.  We tried the spanacopita with spicy feta and balsamic, wood-fired flatbread with white bean puree and truffle oil, and a salad with arugala, watermelon, cherries, goat cheese, and balsamic.  All three were incredible.  I actually took notes on the salad, in the futile hope of re-creating it at home.


Not only are the plates delicious and reasonably priced, Eva seems to also be focused on using local ingredients when possible. Our server mentioned a Sunday fixed-price meal featuring several courses, all with ingredients from the SLC Farmers Market, accompanied by wine.  

Ambience is cozy inside the restaurant and out, where Eva's brick patio is lit up with colorful lanterns.  All told, this was a fantastic dining experience, and I will most certainly be coming back!

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Details:  317 South Main St, Salt Lake City, (801) 359 - 8447.