On Broadway, Part III: Farmers Market

slcfarmersmarket-9-of-11When I first moved to Salt Lake City, the Farmers Market was bustling. But now, three years later, it is more than just a place to pick up fresh, locally-grown produce; it's a veritable festival of crafts, music, and food.

slcfarmersmarket-7-of-11Last weekend, I met up with a few friends to do some shopping and check out the atmosphere.  I left my bike with the good folks from the Bicycle Collective, who run a free Bike Valet service (genius - no need to schlep your helmet around with you!).

After stopping by the farm stands, which, by the end of the market, were starting to sell out (a good sign, I'm assuming!) We wandered through artisan and informational booths, and finally stopped for lunch at a popular middle eastern food booth run by a mother-son team, called Amal Wa Salam (means Hope and Peace. Check them out - they also do some catering).

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We sat on the grass to eat, where there was still plenty of space to lounge and a nearby DJ was playing house music for the crowd.  The Farmers Market is more than a place to shop for good food (though there's plenty of that, especially if you go early), but a weekend destination in and of itself for more and more SLC residents.

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Details:  Pioneer Park, 300 S (Broadway) 300 W, Saturdays, 8am-1pm, June-Oct.