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Omniture Summit - Are you a Mac or a PC?

omniture-cyber-cafe-mac-dellAs I was leaving the Salt Palace Convention Center last night with the Omniture Summit 09 near conclusion for Day 1, I took notice of the Cyber Cafe that is sponsored by Dell and Mac.

As I was observing the fact that there was a Dell laptop and a Mac desktop at each cyber station, I bumped into my friend Jesse Stay who coincidentally was just logging off a Mac.

He was at the conference with Jeremiah Owyang who is a widely followed blogger who writes about web strategy with a heavy dose of social media. And guess what type of computer Jeremiah was on? A Dell.

So just for the sake of satisfying my curoisity, I did a count of the Omniture Summit attendees and how many were using a Dell and how many were using a Mac.

Dell = 7

Mac = 2

I guess that makes sense given the summit has a foundation that surrounds the analytic software that Omniture is so widely known for.  Jeremiah commented along those lines as well.

PC (Dell) or MAC?

omniture-cyber-cafe-dell omniture-cyber-cafe-mac

After talking to Jesse for about 30 minutes I did another count.

Dell = 6

Mac = 5

Perhaps the Omniture Summit 09 attendees are more PC oriented. Either way, setting up the Cyber Cafe in conjunction with Omniture was another way that the Salt Palace can make a meeting a success - regardless of if you're a Mac or a PC.