Oh Sushi, Oh so Good

Oh Sushi - Salt Lake's Local Sushi BarThis past weekend a friend called me asking if I wanted to grab dinner.  A man's gotta eat. When he suggested sushi and that it was on him I was completely in! I mean, who can turn down free sushi?

He lives near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and I was coming from downtown Salt Lake headed towards Park City so we met in the middle at Oh Sushi on 33rd South and about 2000 East.

While away from the scene of Sugarhouse and the bustle of downtown this little local's favorite is not to be missed.

Some sushi bars have gotten caught up with appearances with over the top decor and very expensive lighting. One look at Oh Sushi's modest location and simple presentation made me feel like I had arrived at a neighborhood gem, not a pretentious "collared shirt required" restaurant like some I've seen in Seattle or San Fran.

After being nicely greeted and while waiting for my friend to arrive I realized that any extra effort or investment on behalf  of the owners must have surely gone into the vastly diverse menu that was on the wall. One dish in particular caught my eye - the Tweaked Out Mars.

Oh Sushi - Sampler Plate of Sushi

Rob soon arrived and we settled in to some very fresh and tasty sushi on a combo plate (seen above) followed up by the Tweaked Out Mars Roll which includes the following ingredients:


  • Tempura Shark

  • Cucumber

  • Sprouts

  • Topped with Crab

  • Seared Tuna

  • Marlin

  • Avocado

  • Mango

  • Eel Sauce

  • Rice and dried Sea Weed


It's true, all of those ingredients are included in "one" roll. It's more like a roll on top of a roll that is MASSIVE and oh so good as well. At $12.95 I could have come in and eaten that single roll and left satisfied.

In any other sushi bar we had would have walked away with a bill far north of $50 but in this friendly neighborhood sushi bar we were well under $40 after filling ourselves.

Drop in a few times and you'll soon enough be exchanging robust hello's with Dave the Head Sushi Chef or any of the other friendly staff. And perhaps like myself, you may just feel like a regular on your first visit.