Obama's Angels Make Salt Lake Home

Obama InaugurationPresident Barack Obama recently announced that "Obama's Angels National Council," a nonpartisan service group designed to organize national service projects, will make its headquarters in Salt Lake due in large part to the area's reputation for its boundless and enthusiastic volunteer efforts.

"Salt Lake has one of the largest numbers of volunteers in the whole country," said Gigi Kelson, director of the new organization. "We have a nice, well-organized base here to launch projects nationwide. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, we're working to unite the country, and Utah has a good base to get started."

Obama's Angels will work to support existing nonprofit and community organizations by developing, training and supporting a national and international grass-roots network, and will be funded by donations.

"The selection of Salt Lake as the headquarters of a national volunteer-oriented organization makes complete sense because Utahns, by and large, are incredibly giving and helpful," commented Scott Beck, President & CEO of the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau. "From the 2002 Olympic Winter Games to the numerous meetings and conventions we host to neighbors needing a little extra help, the people of Salt Lake and the state of Utah have always stepped up to the plate to ensure that whatever needs to be done, gets done."

We'll keep you up to date with future posts on what the Angels National Council is doing as a member of the Salt Lake community.