Normal is Boring at The Pie

The Pie - Salt Lake's Underground PizzaThe Pie is more an institution than a "restaurant". Although there are 5 locations around Salt Lake, the Underground is the spot, located both down stairs and down the street from a different kind of institution.

The Pie has a flavor of it's own that resonates with more than just the students of the University of Utah.

Located at 1320 East 200 South and literally underground (downstairs from the University Pharmacy), the pie caters to the student crowd but on any given day or night you're bound to see a steady flow of the non-student type.  They're open until 1am during the week and 3am on Fri-Sat nights.

Like the window says when you enter the Underground location, "Normal is Boring" and this place is anything but normal. Part student hang out and part pizza parlor, the mix of the two make for a lively atmosphere that is...chill.

Because it's so laid back, it wasn't a big deal taking my family there on a cold Saturday morning this past December. In fact, I've seen many families there making for an unique melting pot of patrons.

Getting to the food, The Pie makes some good pizza as well as some mean subs. Sure, it's not comparable to New York's finest pie establishment, but it's good grub by most any standard.

The Pie Underground entrance

If you're of the calorie cutting variety, The Pie may not be your slice of paradise. If you've just spent 48 hours cramming for finals or are getting off the slopes, welcome home.

I've eaten the Meatball Sub and the Barbecue Chicken Sub, both of which will fill you up and will only set you back $6.50.

On this occasion we ordered up the Xtreme Veggie (photo below) which in the 14" large size is $16.49. It was delicious - the artichokes were a nice touch. This is one of a few specialty pies they offer.

thepie-xtreme_veggie thepie-mckinley

For the kids we went straight up pepperoni and they put the hurt on the large.   We commanded a corner table with a booth bench and were able to keep the kids in check, mostly.  I think the lively atmosphere had them rallying a bit more than would be typically acceptable, but hey, this is the Pie!

The Pie Underground - December 2008

Whether you're a local or in from out of town, a trip to The Pie is worth more than the certain lasting memories you'll leave with.