The Salt Lake Scene

New York Style Pizza in Downtown

Este Pizza in Downtown Salt Lake CityIt seems you can't land a 747 in any city across the country that doesn't claim to have a New York style pizza.  Salt Lake is no different.  The thin floppy style hand tossed crust with rich taste and traditional toppings certainly calls to my taste buds.

While I've had New York style pizza from a few of the boroughs, I can say that there are a few places I've found outside New York that are just as good. One of them that comes close to true NY style recently opened up shop in downtown Salt Lake after having a location in Sugarhouse for a few years.

Complete with New York attitude (No Red Sox attire and a sign on the counter say "we DO NOT serve ranch with our pizza...seriously we don't") that is actually quite funny and without ego, Este Pizzeria serves up the traditional New York pizza like it was intended.   Simple, thin crust, traditional toppings...good.

Want gourmet or pineapple?  Try again.  In fact there is a sign in the Sugarhouse location that says pineapple is available for $49.99 a can. If you want it put on your pizza there is a $99 application fee.  As of yet, nobody has purchased the lonely can of pineapple they have in the back room.

I found Este downtown after picking up a 10% off coupon at Bevalo across the street on 200 south.  Located in the old Guthrie Bicycle Co building on 2nd South and 156 East, Este is quickly becoming a favorite lunch destination for those who work downtown.  The day I was there I walked in just shy of noon to 2 tables of people.  By 12:30 when I left it was standing room only.

este pizza salt lake - pizza and a soda Este Pizzeria - no ranch, no pineapple, no red sox attire

I grabbed 2 slices and a soda and it was around $7.  The crust was thin and the cheese and toppings tasty.  Service was pretty fast as it should be during a lunch time escape.  For those that are attending meetings at the convention center, Este is a 2 block walk - not bad at all. As for the atmosphere, it was a casual get away that the office types seemed to be enjoying.


After enjoying a great lunch I read that they do deliver in the downtown area.  Like I said, I picked up my coupon at Bevalo but if you can't find a 10% off coupon at a downtown  they do have an Estenomic Special which includes an appetizer, large salad and any 18" 2 topping pizza all for $30.  I've been told they also have money mailers that go out for a buy one get the second 1/2 off but nothing has landed in my mailbox just yet.