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New Deli in Salt Lake: Deli-ghtful and Deli-cious

Wednesday May 11, 2011
If you've ever been lucky enough to visit or live in a city where authentic delis are a way of life, your food fortune has arrived in Salt Lake.  A brand new and very authentic delicatessen has just opened in the funky 9th and 9th neighborhood, occupying a charming bungalow in that cherished quarter. 

The name, "9th South Delicatessen", isn't the most immaginative, but the menu is creative,  the service is uber friendly and the food is a pure streets of New York delight.  In addition to traditional fare, the deli also features some very well-paired and unusual additives such as pesto, gourmet flavored salts, unusual sodas and many locally produced products from bread to pasta to sweet meats. 

They're also open for breakfast and offer some nice coffee beverage choices, roasted by Salt Lake's Rimini Coffee Roasters. 

The lunch crowds are really pouring in, so get there early to get your nosh on!  Hours are from 7:55 to 4:05 daily except Sunday.  

The 9th South Deli is located at 931 East 900 South in Salt Lake City