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New Baby Sharks at Living Planet Aquarium

Thursday July 12, 2012

The newest babies at the Living Planet Aquarium aren't all that cuddly, but they have their own kind of cuteness. Five shark pups arrived at the aquarium on July 11, after a long journey on a cargo plane from northeast Australia.

The three young Gray Reef Sharks and two Blacktip Reef Sharks will be on display beginning Friday, July 13. A new Giant Shovelnose Ray and a White Spotted Guitarfish will accompany the sharks in their new habitat. The old sharks have been temporarily moved to a behind-the-scenes holding tank to give the pups a chance to settle in.

The baby sharks are currently about three feet long, but they have the potential to grow to eight feet. They will have plenty of room to grow when the Living Planet moves to its new facility in Draper in late 2013. The new building will have an 80-foot, 300,000-gallon shark habitat. "We wanted to get small sharks that will grow and mature before we open our new facility," said Andy Allison, Curator of Animals.

The pups have arrived just in time for the aquarium's annual "Shark Week," which will be held August 12-19, 2012 in conjunction with the popular Discovery Channel TV event. The Living Planet's Shark Week activities include special educational events, contests, kids' activities, a baby shark puppet show, and the chance to touch live sharks.

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Photo courtesy Living Planet Aquarium. Read more from Marsha Maxwell at saltlakecity.about.com.