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My Dough Girl's Gourmet Cookie Dough

If you haven't set foot in My Dough Girl in downtown Salt Lake then you haven't lived—as far as gourmet cookies are concerned. This gourmet cookie shop offers both freshly baked cookies and frozen dough (by the dozen). Believe it or not, the frozen dough is their best seller. I actually met a woman who drove from Bountiful just to stock up on her favorite cookie!

My Dough Girl

At any given time My Dough Girl features 12 varieties of gourmet cookies. They also feature a "flavor of the month," a few of which Tami, the owner, has brought back as permanent cookies in the collection. I believe Lilly, a lemon sugar cookie with Lemonheads and lemon glaze (one of my husband's faves), became a permanent fixture due to the outcry from ardent fans when Silly Lilly's month was over!

My Dough Girl

What makes My Dough Girl so much fun are the names: each cookie is named after a retro pin-up model. You'll find names like Maris, Betty, Ricki (my current fave) and Vivianna. The retro pin-up names may be fun but what's inside each cookie is impressive. You'll find only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients from the chocolate to the premium dried fruits and nuts. As Tami says, "If it isn't wonderful, it doesn't belong in your mouth." I couldn't agree more!

My Dough Girl

I also love this bit I found on My Dough Girl's website: "Never a dull moment for your palate, always fresh, always premium dough." And she means it! Whether buying a cookie hot out of the oven or a frozen dozen that you can enjoy hot out of your oven, you're in for a real (retro) gourmet treat!

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