Multi-Tasking in Memory Grove

I am a multi-tasker.  I vacuum the floors while dinner cooks.  I walk to do my errands so I get exercise while taking care of responsibilities.  I blog while I watch TV and read stories to my daughter while checking email...I'm not saying all my multi-tasking is a good thing.

But if I can find an outing that satisfies more than one desire, I'm all over it.

That's where Memory Grove in Salt Lake City, E. Capitol Blvd, comes in. 

  • Historical enrichment and culture: check. 

  • Nature: check. 

  • Exercise: check. 

  • Exploration: check.

Memory Grove is a beautiful, grassy park right downtown, below the capitol, with a lovely creek bubbling along and plenty of shady spots for picnics.  There's your nature.

It's also a park with several monuments dedicated to war veterans of several wars.  I saw memorials for World War I, World War II and the Korean War.  In this World War II monument, there is a plaque for each naval officer from Utah who died in World War II.

A lovely meditation chapel sits in this spot as well.

In this monument, every Utah soldier who died in World War I has his name on a plaque.

So history: check.

Remember the babbling creek I told you about?  It comes from somewhere- a somewhere lined with trees, beautiful paths and only a mild incline.  Exercise: check.

And along the way, there are interesting monuments and structures which are fun to explore.

Exploration: check.

Check it out soon!  The weather is perfect for an afternoon at Memory Grove!

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