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MPI WEC 2009 Tradeshow

mpi-candy-table-signTradeshows. You've likely been to your fair share of them. Some are spectacular and highly profitable while some can be, I need to say it?

So how was the MPI WEC 2009 tradeshow? For starters I know more than a few people were raving about the food stations throughout the trade show floor offering items like fresh baked pizza, grilled chicken and shrimp scampi. On top of that was Candyland, an array of so many candy offerings that beckoned to the little kid and sweet tooth in many attendees, myself included.

But to answer the impending question of how was the MPI WEC 2009 tradeshow, Laura Barnes from the Salt Lake Visitors and Convention Bureau spoke with a number of exhibitors and attendees of this year's MPI tradeshow and it sounds like it was a hit on many fronts.

Check it out: