The Salt Lake Scene

MPI WEC 2009 Opening Reception Video Recap

MPI WEC 2009 Opening Reception at Library Square in Salt Lake CityThe weather couldn't have been more beautiful as the sun set over Salt Lake last night in the final hours of what attendees of the MPI WEC 2009 opening reception described as "remarkable" and "fantastic".

The event, held in the patio area of Library Square, featured wall dancers, fire jugglers, musicians as well as a variety of eats and drinks representative of what Salt Lake restaurants have to offer.

MPI WEC attendees, who look through a microscope at events since they are in the business of meetings and conventions, commented about the set up and the privacy of the event yet in a setting that was open for networking and relaxing.

We were there to film and get some impressions of the event from attendees. See for yourself and hear what was said about the event: