Mountain Biking in Salt Lake and Utah

When people mention Utah and mountain biking in the same breath it's either associated or quickly followed by a "Moab" or "Gooseberry Mesa" or even "Park City single track". My guess is that locals to Salt Lake are snickering given that the riding here has improved dramatically in the past few years. Old trails that were abandoned have been resurrected while new trails are popping up all around.

Groups like WAFTA (Wasatch Area Freeride Trails Association) and others are out shaking hands with land owners, public and private, and more so are out digging and moving dirt to help shape the future of Salt Lake area mountain biking trails.

It's no secret that Utah is a mecca for mountain biking, but the secret may not be out just yet about Salt Lake.

Local film production company Piton Productions posted this video recently showcasing some of Salt Lake's mountain biking. We're looking forward to bringing you more as we start to post our own helmet cam and other mountain biking videos.

Utah Riding from piton productions on Vimeo.

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