Moochies Perfect Cheesesteak

Many of us locals know that Moochie's is an absolute favorite here in Salt Lake City. Ever since it's debut on Food Network, many more visitors have come out to give it a try as well. From a girl who grew up back east I can tell you that their claim of "authentic-tasting Philly cheese steaks" is true. They’re made from thinly sliced ribeye steak and topped with grilled onions, grilled peppers and melted American cheese. Watch the Food Network clip on Moochies Cheese Steak...
Here is the thing you may not know: ask to try their Jalapeno sauce along with the sandwich.  At first I thought it would be too much, but the two of those things -cheese steak and jalapeno sauce- equal perfection. Every time I go in, I think about trying their meatball sub but I just can't because I already know the Philly cheese steak is absolute perfection! Their sandwich bread is just the right texture and the seasoning and moistness of the subs are superb. The owners are delightful and their staff is extremely friendly too.  You'll find fantastic customer service over at Moochie's!
 I do wish that Moochie's Meatballs had more tasty sides that appealed to me, however. Last time I went in, I heard they were working towards getting fries. I think it's also time for Moochie's to shut down for a day or two for a nice scrub, inside and out. Nothing needs to be fancy or changed, just a nice deep scrub. When I try to talk people that come to visit us from out of state into going, it is a hard sell because of their website. I would love to see them invest a little bit in a food photographer and get on Twitter and Facebook.

But none of these drawbacks keep me from heading on down to Moochie's.  You just can't beat the perfection of a Philly cheese steak!
Moochie's Meatballs and More!
232 East 800 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 596-1350


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