Moab Day Hike


moab09hike-6-of-201Looking for a day hike near Moab with spectacular scenery that’s also dog-friendly?  Check out Negro Bill Canyon – it’s a little more off the beaten path (not in the national parks), there’s no admission fee, and the perennial creek makes it hiker and canine friendly.  



Hike a couple miles in, and you’ll end in a beautiful alcove with Morning Glory Natural Bridge overhead. The hike is fairly flat, with lots of greenery and beautiful sandstone. Bring drinking water, and mind the poison ivy.



Below are shots from the hike I did at the end of May (when Moab is quite busy, but the weather is perfect). We stayed at Goose Island Campground, which you'll pass on Rt 128 on your way to the trailhead.



Details: to access the trailhead (going north on 191 out of Moab), take a right onto Rt 128, just before the bridge, and follow it along the river for a few miles – the parking lot will be on your right (look closely or you’ll drive right by it).  









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