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Mestizo - West Side Coffee House

When I was in Spain I got to know a number of Gitanos (Gypsy's) who were an energetic people, full of life and culture.

Despite this, the Spaniards often called the Gitanos "Mestizo", meaning that they were a mix of cultures and nationalities rather than "true" Spaniards. For the most part it didn't ruin their spirits.

In this same open attitude and one of acceptance, Utah artist Ruby Chacon along with her husband, Terry Hurst have opened Mestizo Coffee House, embracing the diversity and yes, the mixing of cultures that exists in the Salt Lake Valley and in particular, the West side.

Salt Lake Magazine had a nice write up about Ruby and Terry's vision. It's worth checking out as is Mestizo located at 631 W. North Temple.

--via Salt Lake Magazine