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Meetings:Review Highlights Salt Lake's Surprise

This past summer while at the MPI annual convention in Las Vegas, as next year's host for the conference Salt Lake presented a video about the Salt Lake experience being surprisingly different.

Scott Beck, president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Convention and Visitors Bureau said of the video that "a lot of it was over the top and flamboyant" while also stating that "a lot of it was spot on".

Using the TV series "The Office", the video features the "pin Lady" who in a witty and funny way gives answers to a desperate and road ragged meeting planner. Ever felt like this when trying to find a venue for your convention?'s James Latham caught up with Scott Beck in a video interview that was posted to their site last week. It's worth seeing the conversation between Scott and James and hearing about the reaction from MPI.

Check out the video interview at