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Mayor Becker Gives SLCVB e2 Business Certificate

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker awarded the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau (SLCVB) an e2 Business Certificate early this summer, the first e2 Business Certificate awarded during Mayor Becker's term. The e2 certification recognizes the Salt Lake CVB's commitment to the environment and the community.

Mayor Becker said:


"The Convention and Visitor Bureau's participation in the e2 program typifies the kind of message we want to send to people considering a visit to our Capital City: Salt Lake City is a place committed to the sustainability of its beautiful mountains and natural, welcoming setting,"

What's an e2 Busieness?  The Salt Lake Green website gives details about the e2 Citizen and e2 Business programs.  It also has some insightful information including the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for Salt Lake, part of which includes the now green lanes on 200 South.

Basically, the (e2) business program is a part of a national program whose objective it is to protect the environment while building economic prosperity.  Locally, it is used to recognize and support the Salt Lake City business community and economy.

Scott Beck, president & CEO of the SLCVB said of this award:



"As our tagline states, Salt Lake is 'Different by Nature. Domestically and internationally, we felt it was critical that the Bureau actually live up to that statement and promote the healthy, natural setting of our community.

Adhering to a strict 'green policy' does not just make good business sense, it's simply the right thing to do for our generation and for all generations that will follow.

We're incredibly fortunate to have such an incredibly beautiful natural setting here in Salt Lake, and by making a commitment to the environment we're simply enhancing the well being of our own backyard for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors alike."

Some of the programs the SLCVB has implemented in their business includes:



  • recycling of paper and plastic products

  • limiting of e-mail printing

  • requiring two-sided copies

  • turning off all office lights when not in use

  • purchasing flatware, glassware and silverware for employee break rooms (discontinuing the use paper plates and plastic utensils and cups).