The Salt Lake Scene

May Powder at Snowbird

I received an e-mail from my buddy Tim who up until 5 years ago when he moved to Seattle was a Snowbird regular. It simply said:

"You'd better be getting May powder at Snowbird today!".

Surely, I wouldn't let a 17" May storm pass me by when the lifts are still running.

Arriving around 8:30am this morning the crowds were already starting to stack up at the Peruvian Express Lift. Like clock work, at 9am the first chair ascended into the clouds above, a fresh blanket of white awaiting squiggly signatures.

Matt, better late than never, finds more untracked May powder at Snowbird

I had been waiting for my buddy to show up but as the line began to surge forward, the lure of untracked lines was more powerful than the bond of friendship and I gave in. Aside from Peruvian, Snowbird still has the Mineral Basin Express and Little Cloud lifts open, the two later helped in keeping my first run down Upper Silver Fox into mid cirque and below one of predominately first tracks.

Upon arriving at the base of Peruvian buddy Matt was waiting.  We saddled up for a few hours of fresh lines, hoots, and high speed "surfy" powder. We were fortunate enough to get another untracked lap on upper Silver Fox with moderate light and then a Book Ends lap just as the next wave of snow and clouds descended upon Mineral Basin, making visibility a challenge.

Rocks lingered in obvious and some not-so-obvious locations, but light feet and caution were my guide.

Untracked May 23, 2008 powder at Snowbird - yes, that is May powder!

As the storm intensified, temps were cold, February cold. The snow was a bit heavy by Utah standards but Tim would have been grinning ear to ear. Instead, he was keeping a reclining office chair warm in far away Seattle. Me, I was keeping warm with lap after lap of May powder at Snowbird.

Snowbird is open for skiing through June 1, weekends (Friday-Sun) only. The Tram will start a summer schedule on June 14, conditions permitting. Alpine Slide, Bungy Trampoline, and ZipRider to open for summer season.