Marriott Library

marriottlibrarymedPerusing the periodicals, shuffling through the shelves.  Research projects.   Shortcut through campus.  Hot chocolate.  Internet.  Hours upon endless hours studying.  A few naps.  Meeting place for group projects.  Reading.  More reading.  If you are or ever were a student at the University of Utah, you've been where I'm talking about.  On October 26th, 2009, the Marriott Library at the University of Utah was rededicated.  Former librarian and First Lady Laura W. Bush was the keynote speaker.  After four years and $79-million of renovation, the 5-level building (housing a collection of 3 million volumes) can now withstand a 7.2 earthquake.bookmovemed

The fancy new library has a retrieval center where four 50-foot robots can find what you're looking for among a million items in a matter of minutes.  Other additions include:  Advanced Technology Studio, The Garden Terrace, the Grand Reading Room, Special Collections Reading Room, Knowledge Commons, and the 5th floor University Press.

cybercafemedThe new "Mom's" cyber café is a great place to crack open your laptop and grab a snack!  Plan a meeting or pick up a good book and head to campus.