Market Street's Chowder

marketstreetgrillSnow fell on the valley for the first time of the season last week. The white flakes were so welcome as it made me think of soft, fluffy ski turns to come in the winter ahead. Shortly after that thought flashed in my head, my next thought turned to warm, delicious clam chowder. I work downtown and relatively close to the Market Street Grill. So my co-workers and I decided to drop in and enjoy a bowl of their famous clam chowder. Winter in Salt Lake and Market Street Grill's clam chowder go together like cheese and crackers--which, by the way, are excellent to add to your clam chowder if you like. Any stop at the Market Street Grill also includes their perfectly baked white bread and very friendly and professional service.clam-chowder_small

This famous clam chowder is offered at all of the Market Street restaurants. Click here to see the location nearest you. Next time you're cold and down about the winter weather, drop in to the Market Street Grill and let the clam chowder warm your day.