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Los Lobos Coming to Kingsbury Hall

Los Lobos coming to Salt Lake's Kingsbury HallThe classical acoustic guitar sounds of Los Lobos is coming to Kingsbury Hall (Located on the University of Utah campus) one week from today, the 22nd of January.

Perhaps most popularized and recognizable to many by their song La Bamba, this time they visit Salt Lake they will be bringing with them a twist to their popular sounds and rhythms.

They will be performing a mostly acoustic set with sounds of classic Los Lobos tunes and traditional folk songs from Latin America.

Focusing on the rich diversity of Mexico's music, where the vocal treatment, instrumentation and rhythm differ from region to region, it's quite likely you'll come away from the night with an even greater respect for their musical talent and the depth of the sounds of Latin America.

Tickets are $47, $37, and $27 and are available online at the Kingsbury Hall website. A

Here's the classic La Bamba from Los Lobos:

This and other upcoming concert information can always be found on the Now Playing Utah website.