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Local Italy

pietasmallmedA few years ago, I lived in Paris for a semester of school abroad.  While in Europe, I was surrounded by deep history and famous architectural and artistic masterpieces.  When I came home, a friend of mine showed me this little piece of Rome found right here in Salt Lake.  I was excited to know I could see something I had studied in art history class within minutes of my own house!  The Christ United Methodist Church on 2375 East and 3300 South quietly houses a replica of one of Michelangelo Buonarroti's most famous sculptures, the Pieta.michelangelo_pieta_grtmed

The original is in the Vatican in Rome, in St. Peter's Basilica.  Michelangelo completed it when he was 24 years old.  This replica is made of the same marble as the original, and weighs 6400 pounds.  It was made in Italy by a famous Italian sculptor and is one of only two known replicas in the U.S.

Viewing hours are 9am-4pm on weekdays, and Sundays between services. You can just walk in and take a look.  If you want, you can call 801.486.5473 and ask for a docent to tell you more about it while you're there.