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Lawrence of America coming to Salt Lake

People think we're strange here in Utah. Heck (preferred Utah word), people think we're strange in the United States. I mean, who are we kidding, were weird.

Alas, we are who we are. A mix of a hundred cultures, with all sorts of different quirks and cultural differences. To that end the Travel Channel has a series called "Lawrence of America" where Lawrence travels the U.S. learning different trades and traditions. In the upcoming episode, to air this coming Monday June 30th, features Lawrence in Park City, Utah learning about the winter Olympic sports and giving them a try. You can see a piece of the episode on the Travel Channel's Lawrence page, click the video screen just right of center. In this clip, you get a look at what ski athletes do for summer training.

Here's a particularly funny segment about college cheerleaders which may give you an idea of the style he'll bring to the Utah Olympic Athlete episode this Monday June 30.

Who is Lawrence? He's an English born journalist who is on a journey through America to discover the subcultures, traditions and unique aspects of life here. Where else to come to find unique traditions and aspects of life than Utah?! Well, he's here for the Olympic Athletes that live and train here which is, after all, unique.

Hopefully you'll have time to catch the episode about Utah this coming Monday at 9pm on the Travel Channel.

--Check out Lawrence's blog as well