Larry King attends Salt Lake Convention

larry-king-photoLast week the Salt Lake Convention Center hosted the Usana corporation for their annual convention.  Based in West Valley City, Utah, Usana is a multi-level marketing company that has worked with the Convention Center to host many of its meetings over the years as they've grown in size, not only as a company but also as a convention.

Banners were flown downtown and throughout the convention center as nearly 10,000 people arrived from all over the globe, including one special guest.

To cap off the event Usana used the Energy Solutions Arena (home of the Utah Jazz) for it's final gala which included an guest appearance by Larry King. King is well known for his interviewing skills but as part of the event he mixed in a little bit of comedy. Check out this clip from Fox 13 news:

The Salt Lake Tribune had a good write up about King's appearance and his Q&A with Tim Sales.