The Salt Lake Scene

Kilby Court: SLC's Open-Air, Live-Local Music Venue

If you are interested in Salt Lake City local music scene, check out the all-ages, Kilby Court. You know, an indi-venue that features indi-bands with indi-names like: Ladytron, The Schwas, Dirty Vespuccis, and Harry and the Potters (my favorite). Also at this venue, you’ll also find some of Salt Lake’s hottest acts like the now famous Band of Annuals.

Kilby Court Door

Don't Bother Knockin' The House Is A-ROCKIN'. The door to Kilby Court.

The other night, I paid $8 to see three great acts:

  1. someone (I forget her name but she shall be known heretofore as “a woman with a great voice behind a guitar singing pining songs into the microphone,” a great name for a local band, if I say so myself.

  2. Ben Johnson, a great rock trio featuring a Rhodes piano player who doubles on the trumpet, excellent bass gutiar/vocals, and a tight yet tasteful drummer. They are a band with a solid knowledge of how to build a song.

  3. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, or SSLYBY, because who wants to say “Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin” every time the reference the band. They had a harder edge to them with a crisp sounds.

Kilby Court is cool because it is inviting and not the least bit pretentious. It doesn’t hide the fact that it’s a converted garage that would maybe fit two Volkswagen Busses. There is an attached courtyard so you can enjoy the rock-out-of-doors affect. Either way, check it out. Click for a map.

Here are directions: Go west on 700 S. At Kilby Court, (330 West) you’ll turn left. It’s easy to miss 'cuz it's right in the middle of a block where you might not expect a street. Look for surrounding businesses, the snappy sounding Best Way Janitorial Supply or the circa 1950s diner, Eds Place which looks like it is either really run down or just hasn’t been open for a couple decades.

For more info. or if you're looking to purchase tickets or music played by the bands featured at Kilby Court, check out Slowtrain, a very cool music store.