The Salt Lake Scene

January 96th At Snowbird

Location: Snowbird, UT
Date: March 16, 2008
New Snow: 34" (last 7 days)
Crew: Myself (Jake Kirshner), Dan Cudlip, Omi Kort, Tommy Mulleady, Nick Thomas

In the Salt Lake Valley things are beginning to feel like spring. Snow is melting from the ground, temperatures are rising, and bicycles and skateboards are coming out.

A mere 20 minutes away however, the resorts of the Cottonwood Canyons are stuck in some odd-episode of the twilight zone where the only month on the calendar is January.

Snowbird Instructor Tommy Mulleady forgets about his spring wardrobe.

Omi Kort doesn't plan on going home to San Francisco any time soon.

I enjoy some spring skiing on Snowbird's West Baldy terrain.

Dan Cudlip gets upside-down off the broom closet in Peruvian Gulch.

I grab the extra point off Field Goal Air.

Tommy gets a face full of snow on the north face of Mt. Baldy.

Huge thanks to our selfless photographer Nick Thomas for documenting another powder day at the 'Bird.