Here in Ski City we crave warm beverages after a snowy day playing in the mountains. We asked seven local bartenders to whip up their favorite hot drinks for the winter season and share recipes and tips for packing them along for a blast of warmth (and courage) in between runs.







One of Salt Lake’s finest Chinese restaurants recently expanded its bar program, creating accompanying beverages to the complex flavors of J Wong’s upscale plates of authentic Chinese food. Add in a great wine list and excellent service and atmosphere, and all that’s left is a warming winter drink. This season, J Wong’s bartender Dylan Huff concocted a classic toddy with a nod to the East by substituting hot chamomile tea for the standard boiling water.


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1.5 oz. brandy (preferably Paul Masson)

1 lemon wedge

1 orange wedge

0.5-1 stick of cinnamon (use Canela or Mexican-style cinnamon for a little more bite) 

0.5 oz. honey syrup (1 to 1 mixture of honey and hot water)

4+ oz. chamomile tea

Break apart cinnamon and drop into mixing glass, then squeeze the lemon and orange into glass. Pour in honey syrup and stir/muddle until cinnamon is broken up nicely. Pour in brandy and stir, strain into your favorite mug or glass, top off with piping hot chamomile tea, and serve with a lemon wedge.