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iTunes Pioneer History Walking Tour

Each city has its history and ours is rooted deep with the Pioneers who came by wagon, horseback and by foot for thousands of miles to settle the Salt Lake Valley.

When they arrived they built churches, businesses, schools and most evident in downtown, the Temple.  But what other things did they build? What was the landscape like when they arrived?

If you find yourself with an hour and a half to spare while visiting Salt Lake and you're looking to get a good feel of the downtown area, why not take the Pioneer History Walking Tour.  It's an iTunes based tour with music performed by local classical guitarist Michael Lucarelli whose talent is widely acclaimed. 

Although it's not yet available as an iTunes download, you can rent one of our iPods for $4 to take this tour.  The rental cost is for the iPod for a 24 hour period so if you're with a group you can split the cost and take the tour whenever you'd like.  (if this tour were a free download would you download it from iTunes? If so, comment below to help us know that there is some interest)

The tour leaves from the Salt Lake Visitors Center at 90 South West Temple.  It covers about 1.5 miles with multiple stops.  It will leave you with additional insights on the hidden gems in the area as well as the primary pioneer history locations that are in an near downtown.

Stop by the Visitors Center for more information and to get one of our iPods to take your Pioneer History Tour.

--Check out more Micheal Lucarelli on YouTube