The Salt Lake Scene

Interweave, Innovations in Contemporary Basketry

Art in Salt Lake is alive! A stroll through downtown yields a number of galleries, shops and locations like the Salt Lake Art Center located adjacent to the Visitors Center (20 South West Temple).

It was recently that I found myself strolling by and all it took was a simple "Free Exhibit" sign to lure me in to check it out. I found the Salt Lake Art Center quiet and on this Tuesday afternoon I was the only patron. Nice, the place to myself!

The two exhibits that are currently showing at the Art Center is AFTERIMAGE: The Art of 337 and Interweave: Innovations in Contemporary Basketry. I blogged about the Project 337 back in May if you're not familiar with it.

After first looking at 337, I checked out Interweave.


The exhibit isn't large in volume and may take but a short 10-25 minutes to view depending on your speed, but it's very unique and worth checking out. From the brochure:
"Whether beginning with traditional methods and materials of basket-weaving, or originating in concepts for which a basket-maker determines the most appropriate materials, the variety in Interweave demonstrates this is a living tradition that has, since the 1970's, experienced a revival by crafts-people-turned-artists and has lead to new forms of self-expression."

Here are a couple of pieces at the exhibit.

Orange Zipper Teapot by JoAnne Russo, made from wax linen and other fibers

Tower by Deborah Muhl, made from Maine sweet grass

Interweave is on display through October 4, 2008 and definitely worth the time to see, particularly given the price of entry!

Did you know? - Every 3rd Friday of the month, the Salt Lake Art Center hosts a FREE Art Talk at 6:30 p.m as an introductory way to start your Gallery Stroll.