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Iconic Buildings of SLC

Friday November 2, 2012

What do people think of when they hear the words Salt Lake City? If it's not the towering peaks of the Wasatch or ski slopes covered in powder, it might be the Salt Lake Temple. The temple is one of the iconic buildings of SLC, along with the LDS Tabernacle, Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly Hotel Utah), Utah State Capitol, Utah Governor's Mansion, Cathedral of the Madeleine, and newer buildings such as the Salt Lake City Library and Natural History Museum of Utah.About.com Salt Lake City guide Marsha Maxwell has put together a photo gallery of SLC's iconic buildings, must-see sites for visitors and locals alike. All of them are worth a visit.

Iconic Buildings of SLC

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Photo by Paul Chesley. Read more from Marsha Maxwell at saltlakecity.about.com.