After a decade as a successful professional photography contest, the Ski City Shootout is stepping up from still images to moving pictures—that’s right, the future is here, and it’s sweet, sweet videos. We've invited 5 seasoned pros and opened the gamut to an amateur contest as well--all competing for a total purse of $20K. 

Jason West skiing at Solitude. Part of Steve Lloyd's 2nd Place Portfolio.And if you haven't been to past awards and viewing parties, you're missing out on the best end-of-season celebration in Salt Lake.  At each year-end bash, we celebrate the winners, drink some oat sodas, and the vibe is always great. One of the highlights of past years has been the team videos. Check out the video for Team Jay Dash.

We’ll be posting the rest of the team videos from 2017, so keep an eye out.

Check out the competing videographers here.

And get the details on the Amateur contest here. Its open to anyone and everyone, so get on board. There’s some serious cash on the table.

The Ski City Shootout is on—are you down? See you out there.