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Hot Coffee at the Coolest Cafès in Salt Lake

Tuesday June 23, 2015

It’s time to grind up the old stereotype that nobody drinks coffee in Salt Lake because everyone is Mormon. Less than 50 percent of the Salt Lake City population is Mormon—or LDS, as many prefer to be called—and Salt Lake has become a hot spot for the hot, caffeinated beverage. Just ask The New York Times, whose travel section recently penned an article, “A Hot Coffee Culture in Salt Lake City,” proving that the baristas of Salt Lake can steam, froth, and roast with the best of them.

Salt Lake has been growing into a premiere foodie destination the last few years, thanks to the influence of the slow-food or farm-to-table movement that’s so well suited to Salt Lake’s abundance of local produce. Zagat recently named Salt Lake an Up-and-Coming Food City. And as the food scene goes, so goes the beverage scene.

Salt Lake offers a number of high-end gourmet cafès and artisan coffee shops where the fair-trade coffee is better than fair—in fact, it’s remarkable. These top coffeehouses have turned Salt Lake into a caffeine fiend’s friend.


Publik Coffee Roasters

Few spots personify the nouveau hipness of Salt Lake quite like Publik Coffee Roasters, a two-leveled remodeled warehouse decorated with restored vintage hardware. All of Publik’s coffee is brewed in Alpha Dominche Steampunk machines, high-tech Rube Goldberg contraptions that give your barista the ability to customize the cup of joe perfectly to your specifications. 


A perfect spread. Photo by @christale101

A photo posted by Publik. Coffee (@publikcoffee) on


975 West Temple, SLC, UT 84101


Blue Copper Coffee Room

Also employing an Alpha Dominche machine, the former Nobrow Coffee is now Blue Copper Coffee Room. Blue Copper offers distinctive little touches like specialty and seasonal beverage syrups for your coffee, adorable vacuum presses for individual servings, and, of course, exceptional imported coffee.

179 W 900 S, SLC, UT 84101




Caffe D’Bolla

Caffe D’Bolla takes the slow-food concept to coffee, employing an elaborate, artisan siphoning process. This is not the place for those who just want a quick cup; this is a place for those who approach their coffee like a judge at an international wine competition approaches a glass of Beaujolais. The husband-and-wife team that runs Caffe D’Bolla will be happy to give you a lesson on artisan coffee siphoning with each cup.


249 E 400 S, SLC, UT 84111


The Rose Establishment

The Rose Establishment serves the massively popular Four Barrel Coffee imported from San Francisco, and is the only cafe in Utah serving it. But The Rose Establishment serves Four Barrel Coffee like no one else on earth. The cafe makes nitro-brewed cold coffee, and serves it from a tap like beer! This even gives your coffee a foamy head like a pint of Guinness, a coffee lover’s treat not to be missed.


235 S 400 W, SLC, UT 84101


Jack Mormon Coffee 

Heck, just the name alone of gourmet coffee brewer Jack Mormon Coffee proves that coffee and Mormons get along just fine. Each cup of coffee is individually ground and brewed at this beloved Avenues roaster. 


Guess what!? Cold brew concentrate is now available for shipping online! You can now rejoice! ?????????????????

A photo posted by Jack Mormon Coffee Company (@jackmormoncoffeeco) on


82 E St., SLC, UT 84103


Also, don't miss the recently opened La Barba Coffee Roasters: 327 W 200 S, SLC, UT 84101

This list is just a little drip in the cup of Salt Lake’s deep and rich coffeehouse scene. Taste the flavor for yourself by visiting Salt Lake, and see what all the coffee lovers are so charged up about.

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