Hope Gallery

While browsing art gallery websites one day, I happened upon The Hope Gallery.  I fell in love with the paintings and made an immediate plan to head downtown for a visit. 

#01The gallery focuses mostly on Scandinavian art, a region that often goes overlooked in the world of art history.

Their goal:

“Our vision is to inform and inspire the public with the forgotten treasures of Scandinavian art from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. With a special focus on Danish paintings, we hope to educate the world on its essentially undiscovered/undervalued artists who were overshadowed and more or less forgotten due to French Impressionism and Modernism.”

In addition to the beautiful paintings which adorn its walls, the gallery itself is a beautiful place to be- and right smack dab in the middle of downtown, 151 South Main Street.



But the gallery could be in a rusted tin shack and I would still adore every ounce of it just for the beautiful paintings.

Reading from the Scriptures (1st Commission)



Elizabeth Baumanm   Reading From the Scriptures

The Violinist



The Violinist  Anna Sophie Petersen

A Visit in the Studio



A Visit in the Studio  Bertha Wegmann

Did you notice the names of those painters?  Female!  It’s painfully difficult to find women painters in history (or women in history- period), but I found several beautiful paintings by women throughout the gallery.

In addition, there’s an entire room devoted to Carl Bloch’s lovely (and famous) paintings from the New Testament.


Christ and the Children









Visit their website to see even more beautiful art.  Or better yet, stop in for a visit!

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