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Hometown Favorite Casey Patterson talks AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

Monday August 12, 2013

The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour is coming to Salt Lake August 16-18 at Liberty Park. Having always been vertically challenged, I've never been well versed in volleyball. I reached out to Casey Patterson, 7-time winner on the AVP Pro Tour, to give details on the event and the secret to his success.

Casey Patterson AVP

We hear you played at BYU, how long did you live in Utah? Where do you call home now?
I did go to BYU. I was there from 2001-2005. I loved it. I  Actually met my wife Lexi who played for the women's team. It was an amazing experience but I was born and raised in California and that's my home. Huntington Beach to be exact.

Your partner Jake Gibbs is also from Utah. Does that you make you hometown favorites?
Is fry sauce the greatest dip ever?? Of course were the hometown favorites. We both dominated the UOVA sand circuit before we followed the AVP dream. Jake is from here and I didn't play beach until I was at BYU so this is where all the magic started.

What makes a good teammate in volleyball?
Dance moves, fire, perfect hand setting. Oh and an unstoppable cut shot.

You have won 7 times on the tour. What's your secret?
Partner selection, court vision and a competitiveness that causes you to flip card tables over if you lose at the simplest games.

I've never played volleyball, why should I check out the AVP Salt Lake City Open?
It has the same effect as either watching an NBA game on TV or sitting court side when the magical Stockton to Malone is mid play and you're sitting court side. It is one of the most explosive, energetic and fun atmospheres on the planet. That's why.

What other team should we keep our eyes on this year?
None of the others teams will be worth watching but Jake and I. But if we're not playing yet I guess you could watch Phil and Rosie. They might be the most athletic team on the planet after Jake and I. Oh and Phil is a gold medalist so that's pretty cool. Then you have the 3 time gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings. Pretty sure I don't need to say much more about her. Then also the Silver Medalist Jenn Kessy and April Ross. They have the gnarliest high fives ever.

Full schedule and tickets are available here.

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