Home Cooking at the Lion House Pantry

One of the values associated with purchasing the Connect Pass is that it includes a meal at the Lion House Pantry, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City on the corner of South Temple and State Street. (63 East South Temple to be precise)

What you get is the "Pioneer Meal" with a value of $9.95.  I recently ate at the Lion House using the Connect Pass and with the addition of a Lion House Root Beer the total was $10.50, so I ended up paying $.55 in addition to showing my Connect Pass.

Not too shabby at all.  But how was the meal?

Lion House Pantry Reviewed

The atmosphere at the Lion House Pantry is quaint and simple with home-style seating among many rooms and nooks. My friend Adam and I found a unique nook and claimed it as our own.

Although it feels like cafeteria style when you enter, the food is not school house fare. It was much like what I've received while at a conference luncheon at the Marriott or the Grand America - nothing super unique but tasty.

I went with the Chicken and rice while Adam lined up for the BBQ Beef and mash potatoes. Each meal comes with a side salad or fruit and a home made roll. We upgraded from fountain drinks to some Lion House Old Fashioned Root Beer.  Why not, right?

I guess the question to ask is would I eat here despite the Connect Pass "freebie" and I'd have to answer of course. For $10 this home style meal along with the enjoyable atmosphere is unique enough and worth the visit.

Meetings and Conventions - As a side note if I were attending a meeting or convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center if time permitted (you'd need about 45 to an hour for lunch) I'd put the Lion House on my radar as it's a short 5 min walk from the convention center and may be void of the heavy convention traffic.