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Hiking Salt Lake's Lone Peak

Tuesday December 30, 2014


View of Lone Peak from Ridge


Utah's Lone Peak tops at out 11,263' and is considered the most difficult 11,000+ peak in the Wasatch Rage due to the mileage and vertical gain. It's an imposing peak, visible from Salt Lake City to Provo.

With an average grade less than Mount Olympus (17% vs. 23%), I figured the extra miles wouldn't be an issue. What I didn't count on were the effects of the altitude, combined with my asthma, but more on that later... Lone Peak was a satisfying adventure without question and I plan to hike it again.

We got a late start and inadvertently selected the longest route to the top. Starting from the Orson Smith Trailhead we hiked the Cherry Canyon Logging Trail which climbs 6,463' and measures 14.4 miles round trip. The switchbacks weren't noticeable thanks to good conversation on the way up, but seemed endless on tired legs later that night.

Scrub oak dominated the landscape for the first few hours before giving way to thicker trees. Along the way we passed a spring and small creek where we found a nice lunch spot in the shade, and then continued toward Outlaw Cabin.

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Outlaw Cabin