The Salt Lake Scene

Happy Feet = Happy Skiing

For many of Utah's ski visitors, the time spent at the resorts may well comprise the only skiing or boarding they do all year. This makes it all the more important to make the best of every day on the mountain, and ski boots are the most significant deciding factor between an awesome day and absolute painful misery. Moreover, properly fitted boots are essential to good control of your skis and comfort on the mountain, reducing your level of fatigue at the end of the day.

Quality custom boot fitting is more art than science, and the sheer number of outdoor shops located in the Salt Lake area can be overwhelming to navigate for non-locals and locals alike.

Below is a compiled list of expert boot fitters to help ensure you get the most out of your turns.


  • Superior Ski - Located inside Christy Sports on the 3rd level of the Snowbird Plaza- ask for Chris.

  • Alta Sports and Deep Powder House - Located on the lower level of Albion Day Lodge and above the Alta Lodge, respectively, Alta Sports and Deep Powder House both offer teams trained in custom fitting, and provide on mountain boot work as well as boot demos.

  • The Sport Loft - Located in Salt Lake City valley, local legends Earl and Jeremy provide expert boot fitting, ski tuning, alignment, and sole grinding services.

  • John Feig - A SL valley practicing physiotherapist and custom footbed designer, John performs boot fitting and alignment for US World Cup athletes. (801.944.1209)

  • Jan's Mountain Experts - When skiing Park City, Jan's is an excellent choice for boot alterations and custom fitting.