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Grimm Ghost Tours: The "Other Side" Of Salt Lake History

Monday October 31, 2011

ghost toursLast Wednesday night we were able to experience the hauntings and mysteries of Salt Lake City on a Grimm Ghost Tour. If you want to experience these "hairs standing up on the back of your neck", and "that feeling that you are being watched", these tours are available year round!

The tour starts at the South gates of Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City. There you will meet your tour guide. We had the pleasure of meeting Victor Bain, a three hundred year old "soul" who took on this tour guide job as a way to find a new body to claim! Climb aboard the tour bus, sit back, and get ready for some bone chilling stories about "the other side" of Salt Lake City. This isn't one of those tours where they drive you past mysterious places and let you "peek" at them; you are actually able to get out, walk around, take a look, and try to feel the unseen presence of those that linger there.

Grimm Ghost Tours was founded by local ghost hunters who they themselves have had personal experiences at many of these locations. You will hear personal accounts of late night noises, spooky beings, and unexplained phenomenons. These aren't just stories of "I heard that at this place.....", but instead "One night, while at this place...." That is the difference between this and many other ghost tours.

[caption id="attachment_13199" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Salt Lake City Cemetery"][/caption]


On this tour, notice the mood of the group as you start out on this tour, and how the mood changes by the end of the tour. As the tour starts out, the group is chatty, excited, and you may even hear laughter. By the end of the tour, each person is quietly deep in thought, and some may even be compelled to share their own ghost stories and unexplained happenings. This is all encouraged by Grimm Ghost Tours. They love hearing your experiences just as much as you enjoy hearing theirs. 

One of my favorite experiences on this tour was The Hoppy Lady. She lingers around Memory Grove Park, and Grimm Ghost Tours takes you down the road she is most known for appearing on. There is one bus driver that, because of his scary experience of actually seeing The Hoppy Lady, won't try to make her appear. If you get another bus driver, you may just be lucky enough to try and make her appear. Pay close attention to what you see in the headlights, and along the sides of the bus.

A scary experience we had on our tour happened while hearing about the infamous killer, Ted Bundy. As his story was being told, a tree branch made a very "interesting" tapping pattern on the side of the bus. You can hear it in the video HERE or below at about 0:42.

A few tips:



  • This is a walking and riding tour. Make sure to wear weather appropriate attire.

  • Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Take as many pictures as you can! You never know what you might capture!

  • This tour is a little bit too scary for kids under 12, and kids are 5 will not be permitted on the bus.

  • Make sure you are there and checked in 10 minutes prior to start of tour.

  • They have a few different tour routes, so if you have experienced one, go back and experience the other routes. Even if you attend the same route more than once, you may experience different things each time. Ghosts are very unpredictable, and you never know what you are going to see or capture on camera.




To purchase tickets, go to their website. You can also call them, or purchase tickets at the time of tour, but tours fill up quick and reservations are highly recommended.

Connect with Grimm Ghost Tours on Facebook and Twitter.

I highly recommend this tour! I was provided with complimentary passes to experience the tour, but the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. Read more from Michelle Powell at www.enjoyutah.org.