Grandeur Peak: day hike with with big views

grandeurpeak-2-of-24Looking for a nearby day hike? Want a 360 degree view of the Salt Lake valley and the Wasatch? How about a nice spot to grill out, up in the hills?  Consider taking a day hike up Grandeur Peak from the Church Fork picnic area, located in Mill Creek Canyon (3800 S).

Memorial Day Weekend, a friend and I, plus my dog (dogs are allowed off-leash in Mill Creek on odd days of the month), decided to hike from the Church Falls trailhead. The area was busy, as expected, so we had to park a short ways up the road.

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The hike started with a walk through the day-use picnic area, accessed via a paved road winding its way uphill through the trees.  Cookouts were well underway, with many of the cozy sites already occupied by families.

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The first portion of the hike is in the trees and sticks close to the creek.  At the split from the Pipeline Trail (another popular hike/bike), we left the water behind and were soon hiking switchbacks through scrub oak across the south-facing hillside.  This time of year, wildflowers are also in bloom.

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Once out of the trees, views of the mountains and valley begin to emerge. It's three miles to the top of Grandeur Peak from this split; all told, expect about a two hour trip one-way.The hike is of moderate difficulty - it's not technical, and is do-able for families with kids, but enough of a workout to make the stops to feast your eyes all the more enjoyable. 


Details:  Mill Creek Canyon, Church Fork Picnic Area, 3800S, off Wasatch Blvd,  $3.00/car (cash, pay on your way out), 7am-10pm