Grand America For Brunch?

grand-america-hotelI had to ask myself - would I go to a hotel (albeit a very nice hotel) for brunch vs. one of Salt Lake's award winning brunch locations like say, the Oasis Cafe?

Well, after reading a recent review of Grand America's Sunday Brunch Buffet by Heather King of the Salt Lake City Lunch Examiner, I'm certainly leaning in the direction of 555 South Main Street.

From the review:
Like everything at the Grand America, brunch is beyond your wildest dreams. Enjoy made-to-order crepes with fresh fruits and creams and omelets with fresh veggies and other goodies; hand-rolled sushi; fresh king crab legs, shrimp and green-lipped mussels; smoked salmon; hand-carved prime rib and leg of lamb; a fresh juice bar and even a kid-level buffet area. Finally, don’t forget the chocolate fountain where you can dip fresh pineapple, strawberries and pound cake under flowing chocolate for the perfect end to your Sunday brunch.

Am I the only one hungry at this point? Look at the menu and it'll seal the deal.

If it's only half as good as it sounds (trust me, nothing at the Grand America is "half") then the Sunday Brunch Buffet is sure to satisfy.  See you this Sunday.

-- Check out some details about the Grand America Hotel and the rest of Heather's review.