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Granatos - A Salt Lake Italian Market

My wife lived in Italy for a time so thanks to her influence and a visit to Italy myself I've really enjoyed Italian food.  So it was that when I was was first told about Granatos , specifically the deli and the cafe is, I knew I had to discover it for myself.

Established in 1948 by Frank Granato, he set out to bring authentic Italian and Mediterranean foods to Utah. With a strong worth ethic, and a customer service focus with the simple goal of "providing the public with what they want" his family continues his legacy today.

Each of the three Granatos locations is unique in its layout but they all offer the same authentic goodness either in the market, the bakery or in the cafe.

The Market

I remember many of the stores in Italy and when you walk into Granatos you feel like you could be in Italy. (aside from the American Flag on the wall). Decor is simple, nothing extraordinary but the offerings are ample with some items most have never heard of before.

Items like authentic Italian Pandoro (my wife's favorite) are available as well as more olive oils and balsamic vinegars than most locations this side of Little Italy.

Olive Oil Tasting Bar? Who knew!

The Bakery

The bakery is a real treat, especially the location on 300 West. Each day they bake fresh breads and pastries which is likely what you'll first smell when you enter. Another reason to believe you've walked into a store in Tuscany or Calabria.

Like the cafe, choosing just one bread or pastry is the the hardest part.

The Cafe

I visited Granatos for lunch this past week and quite frankly with food this good at a moderate price the toughest part is narrowing down your selection.

The lunch menu includes a daily panini for $7.25 and nearly two dozen sandwiches to choose from made fresh on your choice of 4 different breads.

Presentation is casual and the cafe simple but it's all about the food when you're at Granatos. I had the Hot Meatball sandwich while my friend Robyn, who was visiting Granatos for her first time, tried the Fresh Mozzarella.

Hot Meatball - w/ provolone, parmesan and marinara sauce. $6.75

Fresh Mozzarella - w/ fresh basil, tomatoes, oil and vinegar. $6.75

Not that it's very Italian or really Italian at all, I have to highly recommend their cookies and in particular the snicker-doodle which is both large but also very moist and tasty.

Got a meeting? If you can't make it to a location but you've got a business meeting or small group to feed  Granato's will deliver Monday through Friday. Just get your orders in by 10:00am for a lunchtime delivery.

Next time you've got lunch on the mind, try something unique, authentic and different by stopping in at Granatos.

edit: After the comments below were submitted I made some edits to make this blog post more accurate.