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Golly, It was here a minute ago?!

cottonwoodI ran out of the house Thanksgiving morning with fresh tuned skis ready to get a few turns in before turkey time and I found myself scratching my head wondering where all the snow went.  That really didn’t matter to me much, because I have been hearing reports all week from locals that are ripping it up at Brighton, Solitude, Alta and Snowbird.  What did bother me though
was this article that AP published two days ago.

Ski resorts fight global warming; Utah Gov unsure, By Brock Vergakis (AP) tried to paint a picture like we are doomed and skiing will disappear off the face of the planet.  I realize that we can do a better job as a society by cleaning up our act so to speak, but the ideas that Vergakis shares are a little in the wrong direction:
[form the article] ..But even as world leaders descend on Copenhagen next month to figure out a way to reduce carbon emissions blamed in global warming, the industry is still grappling with leaders in some of their own ski-crazy states who refuse to concede that humans have any impact on climate change.

Chief among them is Republican Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, who says he will host what he calls the first "legitimate debate" about man's role in climate change in the spring.

While the world's leading scientific organizations agree the debate was settled long ago, the former Realtor who took office when Jon Huntsman resigned to become U.S. ambassador to China maintains that it wasn't.

"He's said to me that the jury is out in his mind whether it's man-caused and he thinks and believes that the public jury is still out," said Herbert's environmental adviser, Democrat Ted Wilson.

Herbert's reluctance to acknowledge that greenhouse gases contribute to global warming quietly frustrates Utah ski resorts that depend on state marketing money, but it openly infuriates industry officials elsewhere who liken it to having a debate about whether the world is flat.

What Vergakis forgets is that very few people point such a big finger at climate problems when the economy is good and we are all making money.  Maybe Herbert isn’t as worried about it because we are recycle crazy around here.  We ride our bikes to work, we ride the bus up the canyon and if you do drive around Utah, odds are it’s in a 28.3 mpg outback.  Did anyone ever check if it’s LA or NY’s fault it’s getting warmer??

I don’t like it when folks get down on Utah and our leaders.  I don’t have my own car, I ride a bike.  But, every time I ride around in my brother’s clean-natural-gas giant excursion, I smile and feel lucky that those smart legislators don’t put a fat tax on natural gas.  $.63 a gallon, baby.