Golfing Mountain Dell's Canyon Course

Mountain Dell -18th green looking up canyonIf you're like me you've driven up and down Parley's Canyon and passed the Mountain Dell golf course numerous times. Often when in the middle of the day I pass by there and think to myself "How is it that all those people from Salt Lake have the day off and can golf?"

Well, after my most recent visit to Mountain Dell's Canyon Course this past week I think I now know how to answer that question - they're not all from Salt Lake.

In fact, I was quite surprised that of the groups of golfers I spoke with almost all of them were not from Salt Lake but from spots like Houston, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple from Houston said that each summer they've been coming to Salt Lake to golf for nearly 25 years! My perspective of golf here in Salt Lake has indeed been changed.


If you've not golfed Mountain Dell's Canyon Course now's the time to do so. Using the Golf Salt Lake Super Pass you can lock in a tee time well in advance but more importantly you'll save money on your round of golf if you've got a foursome, in addition to getting into the mountains where the air is a bit cooler and the views speak for themselves.

Mountain Dell - 8th tee

The front 9 of the Canyon Course aren't too exciting, mimicking many municipal courses around the country with fairways that are back to back, often sharing the same "rough" where an errant ball is easily played back into the correct fairway. But the back 9 is where the course gets it's name and really makes itself unique and challenging.mountaindell-11th-tee

Starting with the 11th tee (right), you start a journey up Parley's Canyon that with the 14th turns and starts to wind it's way back down canyon. With the exception of the 13th par 3, the holes are long and more narrow than the front 9. A ball lost in the scrub oak is just that, lost. The views back down valley are breathtaking and although sometimes you'll hear the traffic of I-80, for the most part you feel a world away from it all.

Coming up to the clubhouse on the 18th fairway (top left image) you emerge from the mature cottonwood trees to the final green. The Canyon course won't be a PGA tour stop but it's a journey that I can't wait to do again and hope to see you there.

If you've golfed the Canyon Course at Mountain Dell, spend your 2 cents and let us know how it was for you by commenting below.